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Playing Catch Up

I miss blogging, I really do. I am hoping this is my comeback post and that I will actually follow through with my grand plans to once again chronicle the life of Ben on a more regular basis. I have a lot of catching up to do (remember the Christmas post? Ooops, I guess there wasn’t one).


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Ben’s World

Has it really been 3 months since I blogged? Yikes….

Since my memory is non-existant, that means that anything that happened these past few months has already been forgotten.

This is what is happening in Ben’s world right now:

  • His language has taken off. In a few months his sentences have gotten longer and his vocabulary has expanded. He can now even be understood by some of my friends. He loves to talk at home, but he does not like it when daddy or I speak. One of his favorite things to say is “Mommy, you talk to much. Stop talking.” or “Daddy, don’t talk to mommy.” For a while, he said “I like this” to everything he did or ate, but recently it’s been a lot of “Ben no like this”. He also likes to affirm us that “It’s okay” or “That’s fine” with his signature shoulder shrug, especially when he is doing things that really are not okay or fine for him to do. Sometimes he will ask “it’s okay if we do that?”, but he does not like to be told “no”. He has yet to say the word “little”. Instead small things are called “tiny”.
  • He is still usually shy around strangers, but really loves all of his friends’ moms and also really seems to like old people. The other day we were at a playground and he went up to a couple of grandpas asking their names and asking “what you doing here?”
  • The boy likes to eat, still. As soon as there is a mention of food, one of two things happens. Either he starts begging “Okay if we eat at restau-restau?” OR “I need bigger chair” (follwed by him dragging a chair over to the kitchen counter – this usually ends in the kitchen being covered in flour and water). He loves to eat out. LOVES it. Every day I get asked at least once if we can go to a restaurant. When we’re out he’ll say “We don’t go home now, we go to restau-restau.Okay?”
  • Let’s talk about sleep. Oy vey. Sooooooo, we had worked SO HARD to get Ben to sleep in his crib and we were so proud that he went to bed at 8 every night and basically slept through the night until 5. Then, one day a few weeks ago, Ben was really sick, and I felt very uncomfortable with not having him close by. So I brought him to our bed. A few nights later, he went back into the crib, but after two nights he decided that he was not having it any more and wanted back in the bed. Around 6 every night he started whining that he wanted to be in “mommy daddy big bed”. And guess where he still is….
  • Along the same lines… Guess who gave up napping a few weeks ago? Me. Sigh. I thought Ben was just being fussy when he refused to go to sleep after lunch, and for a while I sort of forced him to nap by strapping him on my back and walking around the house. Then I realized that he wouldn’t fall asleep at night if he slept during the day and I faced the terrifying reality that he no longer needs naps. Let me tell you, the days are l.o.n.g.
  • Ben will still not play with toys. He does however love to play priest. He wears a tiny blanket wrapped around his shoulders, sits down and commands us to sing “Allelujah” to be followed by Amen. Then he announces that he is walking out now and proceeds to walk to the stairs, where he waits for us to come shake his hand. The highlight of his week is Sunday after Mass when he gets to shake the priests hand. He jumps up and screams “Time to shake priest hand now!”
  • We’ve done a few mommy and me classes, such as gymnastics, soccer, and most recently Mandarin lessons at a friend’s house. He will not really participate in any of the classes but would rather just sit or stand at the sidelines, however, as soon as we get home, he will re-enact anything that happened at class. He likes to pretend to be the teacher (I am teacher now. I am coach now. I am Miss Loretta). I am shocked at how good his memory is. I wish mine was a fraction of his.
  • He is fascinated by names. He asks what everyone’s name is, which can become kind of exhausting. He has started calling hubby by his first name when he is not listening, and he calls me either Sandra or Hon whenever I don’t respond to mommy.
  • He also likes to pretend play “work”. Either he works at a grocery store, or he works in mommy’s company’s tech department. He’ll say “I work here now” and will also shush us and say “shhhh. I am working now”. Due to some unfortunate circumstances Ben has met quite a few of my tech folks, and at home he will play “John” or “Quintin” and will try to repair my computer, only to end each play session with “Computer broken. That’s okay, I give you a new one.” He has also played plumber. “Mommy broke kitchen. I am plumber. I fix it. I am different plumber. Maybe I fix it.”
  • For a while he always wanted “a different else”. No matter what was offered, he insisted on “I want different else.” Kids are exhausting.
  • Having him watch Elf during Christmas time still haunts me. He has that movie memorized and will still randomly bring things up that happened in the movie. As of late he has been clutching his cup with both hands saying “I loooove syrup.”

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Just a perfect day

“Oh it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on”

Fall started out hot and rainy and yucky, and then quickly turned cold and rainy and yucky. I was pretty disappointed since I have been looking forward to fall ever since last fall ended.

Our yard was/is covered in mushrooms and outdoor playing was hindered by mushy ground and mosquitos and puddles.

But last week we finally started having perfect fall weather and I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love it!

Finally the air feels crisp, but it has been warm enough to spend plenty of time outside.

I have been feeling especially blessed that I get to spend my days at home with my little man and we are enjoying fall to the fullest. To top it off,  Ben actually let me take pictures of him, something he usually detests.

Ben has picked up a few new favorite things to do, which mostly
involve jumping from odd places followed by a tumble. He currently still loves play-doh, and his guitar.

Even though he is still behind his peers when it comes to his ability to put sentences together, his sentences are becoming longer and longer. It is so cute! In the morning he usually says “mommy (or daddy) up
me” and he loves to share food with us and say “mommy share food me” or “ben share food mommy”. He also loves to wave, blow kisses, and say “see you soon” upon leaving. Or he’ll say “be right back” and disappear around the corner. He pretends to go shopping at Harris Teeter, where he buys balloons and toes. Yes, toes. Sometimes he goes to Trader Joe for toes though, because in addition to body parts they also have stickers. This kid is too cute for words. It is still so weird to me when kids his age come up to me and start speaking in complete sentences. Freaks me out.
Secretly I am a little glad that he’s taking things slow, I don’t think I am ready for big boy Ben.

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Let’s Pretend…

Remember how in August I promised that was going to be a good blogger? Well, here we are pretty much a month later and I have forgotten so many things that I wanted to get down on paper.

Ben is now into pretend play and it is so cute!

His favorite activity is to get on a phone and say “Hello. order pizza please. Ben. Big. Petter-oooooni (pepperoni). Spicy. Daddy too. Danke. See you soon”.

Apparently I don’t have to eat as he usually does not order one for me.

He also plays drive-through and holds out his hand and says “fries please” and “money please”. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever taken him through one and I most certainly have never taken him anywhere you can just ask for money.

He also loves playing with his play food and making dinner. He’ll pile it on a plate and then feed it to his baby and his stuffed animals. And himself. It’s accompanied by a constant “Ben make dinner”.

Another recent obsession is ice cream. He has a play ice cream he carries around non-stop and he constantly wants us to make him ice cream out of playdough. He also insists on having ice cream from the freezer, but that doesn’t happen as often as he’d like.

His memory is CRAZY. I wish my memory was half as good. The other week we went to Trader Joe’s and they didn’t have any stickers and he is still talking about it. He keeps on saying “Trader Joe. Ask sticker. I’m sorry.”

And weeks, if not months, ago, we were on a playdate with some friends and rode a train around the park and his buddy Andrew shared his bottle of water with him. To this day I keep on hearing about “Choo choo. Andrew. Share water.”

The kid loves play-doh. We have to play every single day and his favorite thing (next to play-doh ice cream) is for me to make people and for him to “squeeze” them. He also enjoys cutting them up. This morning he was asking me to create the Choi family (he asked for all three of them by name) and very excitedly cut off their heads. Sorry guys, please still play with us! He really does love you.

Let’s see, what else happend? Ben and his buddies went on their first big boy ride at a fair. I was planning a whole big post for that one, but just in case I don’t get around to it, here’s a picture.

Peer pressure is a beautiful thing. I was absolutely convinced that Ben would start screaming the minute I left his side, but he just sat there, somewhat stunned. If it had been up me, he wouldn’t have gone on his first ride until he was 4.

This fall we’re starting two different mommy and me classes in an effort to keep busy and thus limit the whining. We are doing one gymnastics class and one class that focuses on stories and crafts. We attended one class calles “Little Hand on the Farm” and Ben LOVED it. The one we went to focused on cows, and the kids learned all about where milk comes from, they got to pet and feed a baby cow, fill water in buckets, and milk a fake cow. They focus on a different animal each time and I think we will have to go back.

Yet another favorite is the local kid’s band (is it a band when there are two people?). Ben stands at the bongos the entire time we are there and will not take his hands off them. Which is fine by me, at least I no longer have to hold him.

*edited to add: darn you wordpress ate my post again, but naptime is over, so I will have to update later*

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